Our "Basket Name" is the perfect gift to send as a "thank-you", as a "get well soon", or even a "welcome to the neighborhood". The edible basket contains an array of goods that can be enjoyed by everyone!


*taxes are included in the price

After School Snack for the Big Kids

  • Basket Contents:

    • 1x Box of Tea
    • 2x Chocolate Bars
    • 2x Bag of Snacks
    • 1x Tin of Peanuts
    • 1x Bag of Cookies
    • 1x Biscotti
    • 1x Coffee Drink
    • 1x Box of Chocolate Crisps


    *Please Note: Items pictured above are displayed for customers as an example. We will always ensure that each basket is created with the same quality and quantity of items as pictured above, however, all baskets may not look the same aesthetically as products will change with trends.

  • We offer a wide variety of shipping options, however, we currently only ship to select locations of BC's Lower Mainland. See our Shipping & Returns Policy for more information.