Our bed time bath time baskets are perfect for establishing a night time routine. The basket includes items that create a soothing experience for the baby (and of course when baby is happy so are Mom and Dad!).


*taxes are included in the price

Bed Time Bath Time

  • Basket Contents:

    • 1x Hooded Bath Towel
    • 1x Baby Night Time Shampoo
    • 1x Baby Night Time Lotion
    • 1x Pack of Baby Wipes
    • 2x Large Wash Cloths
    • 3x Small Wash Cloths
    • 2x Pacifiers
    • 1x Baby Book


    *Please Note: Items pictured above are displayed for customers as an example. We will always ensure that each basket is created with the same quality and quantity of items as pictured above, however, all baskets may not look the same aesthetically as products will change with trends.

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