This dynamic, sweet and savoury holiday box contains the essentials of the Deluxe Holiday Box. For anyone looking to get a junior version of the original model, this platter will satisfy without breaking the bank.



Please note that while we do our best to update pictures, the photos being showcased are from our 2020 Holiday Season and are being shown for reference only!  Rest assured, all gift boxes will always contain a similar set up to what you see and as described in our "Product Info" section.

Essential Holiday Box

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  • Gift Contents:

    • 1x Bag of Chips
    • 1x Bags of Assorted Party Nuts
    • 1x Jar of Jelly
    • 1x Wheel of Cheese
    • 1x Box of Crackers
    • 1x Box of Seasonal Cookies
    • 1x Wafer Rolls
    • 1x Bag of Short Bread Cookies
    • 1x Pack of Salmon
    • 1x Hot Chocolate
    • 1x Bag of Chocolate