A perfect way to relax, the Pamper Yourself Basket can work for anyone on all occasions.


*taxes are included in the price

Pamper Yourself Basket

  • Basket Contents:

    • 1x Bottle of Bath Salts
    • 1x Bottle of Shampoo
    • 1x Bottle of Conditioner
    • 1x Bottle of Lotion
    • 2x Bars of Soap
    • 1x Hand Towel
    • 1x Pair of Slippers
    • 1x Eye Shades
    • 1x Bath Bomb
    • 1x Candle
    • 1x Face Mask
    • 1x Loofah Mitt
    • 1x Lip Balm
    • 1x Blanket


    *Please Note: Items pictured above are displayed for customers as an example. We will always ensure that each basket is created with the same quality and quantity of items as pictured above, however, all baskets may not look the same aesthetically as products will change with trends.